About Jack Golightly

Jack Golightly, against all sun-loving instincts, lives in Portland, Oregon. He wishes very much that there existed a big, warm ocean with nice waves in 5-minute proximity to Portland, Oregon, but sadly, this is not the case. Jack appreciates community, red maple leaves, and road trips.


Jack is currently addicted to watching the West Wing on DVDs obtained from the Multnomah County Library and might spend a bit too much time in the World... of Warcraft. Jack's love intrests include bikes, public transportation, universal access to healthcare, wise elders, and the library, which he wishes he could propose to.


Jack would like to thank Haiduk-Area 52 for this website, and deedz all teh shardz and 1337 golds to him should he get ganked by Cairn and Tondi's group of venomous orcs again.